Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked mince pies straight from the oven or the sweet smell of chocolate as you help the kids decorate a Yule log.

Really bring Christmas to life and capture the nostalgia and excitement you felt as a child watching your mother bake, try out our five Classic Christmas Bakes.

Mince pies, with beautifully buttery cases, Christmas really wouldn’t be Christmas without these festive delights.

Stollen, the rich marzipan and delicate fruits will transport you straight to wonderful memories of Christmas Markets.

Christmas Pudding, the Pièce de résistance to complete the feast of all feasts.

Yule Log, a firm family favourite and great fun getting the kids to help decorate.

Edible Christmas Tree Stars, they look fantatic on the tree and taste even better! 

Gingerbread house, a chance to really get creative, build one house and before you know it you will be building an entire gingerbread village! 

We will also be sharing hints and tips with you that we have picked up from family and friends over many years of practising and we would love it if you did the same using #ClassicChristmasBakes.

Let the build-up begin!!