Eating Sushi Can Help You Live Longer


Eating Sushi Can Help You Live Longer

According to a survey, carried out by a well-known seafood restaurant, seafood is amongst the UK’s most feared foods. Oysters came out on top with a third of people refusing to try them and one in ten refuse to touch fish all-together.

But with new research from the U.S revealing that having a diet rich in fish could help you live longer, would you indulge in a fishy dinner?

U.S. scientists have found that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish can reduce the hardening of the arteries and those who have high levels of coronary artery calcification – which causes the hardening of the arteries, are more likely to develop heart disease.

The research was carried out on middle aged men in Japan and the U.S.A over a period of five years. Almost 300 men were followed over the years and their diets, smoking habits, cholesterol levels, alcohol consumption and blood pressure levels were recorded. The outcome revealed that the Japanese men had less coronary artery calcification than the men living in the States; this is believed to be due to Japanese men consuming significantly more fish than the other men.

Looking at the dietary intakes of both groups, the Japanese men consumed nearly 100 grams of fish each day, which is considered to be a 1.5 serving, whilst the average American ate around 7-13 grams of fish a day, equalling just one serving a week.

Fish is classed as a superfood. Packed full with vitamins and minerals, fish is a major source of omega 3 fatty acids. Making sure you have a diet which is rich in fish, particularly oily fish ensures your body gets all the vitamins and minerals needed to remain healthy and happy, plus it can also help protect you from a range of serious diseases.

A great way to introduce more fish in to your diet is by trying Sushi. Low in fat and carbs it makes an exceptionally nutritional meal for lunch or dinner. It also makes a refreshing change to the usual lunch and dinner favourites and encourages you to strengthen your cooking skills. Our World of Flavours Oriental Sushi Maker is the ideal piece of equipment to start making sushi at home. Featuring an easy to use moulding tray with press and cutting guide you can bring the taste sensations of Asia into your home.

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