Enjoy wine to its fullest with Connoisseur


Enjoy wine to its fullest with Connoisseur

We now live in an age where we have become more and more health conscious. Over the years we’ve been exposed to numerous health campaigns from food agencies and government officials and now we’re more educated than ever about what we should and should not be eating and drinking. But is it a step too far to put calorie warning labels on bottles of wine?

Over the years we’ve been educated about drinking responsibly, informed of how many units we should be drinking a week (14 units for a woman and 21 for a man) and we’ve been tutored about the effects of binge drinking. Now, a supermarket giant has decided to put calorie warning labels on their own bottles of wine, with the hope of rolling out the labels across other brands over the forth coming months. With the labels in full view would this make you think twice about how much you drank?

The supermarket has decided that ‘it’s for our own good’ to publish the calorie count as it will help consumers make ‘responsible health choices’. Most of us have remained blissfully unaware over the years at just how many calories are in a large glass of wine, (if you still want to remain oblivious then you should look away now). A large glass of white wine is around 228 calories, equivalent to an ice-cream and a large glass of red is 160 which is equivalent to a slice of cake. In some instances partners and friends can consume multiple bottles of wine together throughout the week – adding up to more than 700 extra liquid calories a week.    

With this in mind, just like everything in life, a little bit of what we enjoy, in moderation is good for us. Regardless of whether calorie labels are added to bottles of wine or not, we should enjoy what we like, responsibly, and you can do exactly that with our Connoisseur range. Ideal for all occasions, the collection includes everything you need to enjoy wine to its fullest, including deluxe stainless steel corkscrews, aerators and decanter to allow your wine to breathe, wine pourers and stoppers, wine coolers and a thermometer sleeve to make sure your wine always served at the right temperature.  

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