Eton mess ice lollies


Eton mess ice lollies


400g Strawberry’s hulled 

30g sugar 

100ml Tinned custard 

100ml Double cream 

100g White chocolate 

50g Crushed meringue pieces 

Here’s how 

Place the strawberries and sugar into a shallow pan. 

Heat the fruit until the sugar has dissolved and the fruit starts to soften. 

Add the custard and continue to heat gently as you don’t want to boil the custard. 

Pour in the cream and remove from the heat. 

Using a stick blender, blend the mixture until smooth.

Pour the smooth strawberry filling into the ice lolly mould and freeze overnight. 

Melt the white chocolate slowly, once runny drizzle over the ice lollies and sprinkle with crushed meringue before serving.