Help curb food waste


Help curb food waste

Did you know that each year the UK alone throws away roughly 10 million tonnes of food? That's around 720 000 whole oranges.

Not only is food waste expensive but it is damaging to the environment. Food that ends up in a landfill produces greenhouse gases, and with 10 million tonnes of food going to waste, we are talking about roughly 5 million tons of CO₂ a year.

There are lots of things you can do to curb food waste in your home. By making these small changes to your everyday life, you can make an impact and reduce waste.

Top tips

Spring clean your cupboards.

Make sure that the oldest food is always stored in the front of your cupboard or fridge. It's easy to forget what you have in your cupboards, so make sure you check them regularly before you shop.

Label your food.

We've all been there. There's a jar of something or other at the back of the cupboard, and you have no idea when you put the food inside.Save these mystery ingredients from the bin by noting expiry dates as soon as you seal them up. Specially designed stickers for jars and containers let you label and relabel foods without having to write on the container itself.

Freeze and chill your leftovers.

Using freezer-friendly storage containers is an easy way to make sure that your food will last. Make sure to label the date, and always make sure your food is cool before you put it in the fridge or freezer.

Plan your meals in advance.

Planning in advance makes shopping, prepping and making your meals easier. And best of all, it saves you time and money.

Plan your portions.

You can easily do this by checking the recommended portion size per person on packaging, or by weighing your ingredients for portion control.