Don’t panic, party planning can be fun!


Don’t panic, party planning can be fun!

We all know planning the “Party of the Year” can be stressful, so I thought it would be good to share my five point party planner to help guide you through the festive haze and create a magical evening for you and your guests.

1. Choose the venue. Don’t panic if your budget won’t stretch to a stately home or fancy hotel, you can give the venue real impact with some simple decorations (see point 3!).

2. Timings. Once the venue has been selected draw up a guest list and send out invitations, this may seem an obvious part of the process but timing is everything, if you haven’t given yourself enough time to receive responses back from your guests you will be unable to plan how much food, drink and decorations you will need.

3. Decorate your venue. Making your own decorations will save you money and give you the exact look you were after. Making decorations doesn’t have to be stressful and is a great way of getting family and friends involved in the party preparations.

A really simple yet beautiful table decoration idea, fill a 900ml jam jar half way to the top with water, place a floating tea light in the water and wrap a festive ribbon around the neck of the jar. Use different size jars in the same way around the venue to create a stunning display of lights.

4. Prepare your drinks menu. It is great to offer your guests a selection of cocktails, they will love the variety and it will make your party memorable. Don’t panic as you don’t need any special training to make some great cocktails – check out our Pinterest board, packed full of exciting and festive cocktails that are really simple!

5. Nibbles. Last but by no means least, prepare your canapés, these can be intricate if you are feeling brave enough to try, but as long as you present your canapés in style they can look just as exciting using basic ingredients. We have put a selection of our favourite canapés into a recipe collection, click here to view.

Hopefully this party planning guide has helped get in the party mood, but most importantly don’t forget to enjoy!