Left over pumpkin? Create a seasonal favourite!


Left over pumpkin? Create a seasonal favourite!

Eating seasonally, when produce is packed full of flavour is without a doubt the best way for you to enjoy food at its best. Each month we will be highlighting what’s in season and also share one of our favourite recipes using some of these great ingredients. We hope that it’ll inspire you to get in the kitchen, start cooking and ultimately support great British food.

Carefully carving a pumpkin into just about any shape imaginable has to be the highlight of Halloween, but once the spooky celebrations have ended, there’s no need to throw away these perfectly edible creations! Plus, as they won’t be available in the shops for much longer – it’s time to get cooking.

Not only does pumpkin soup taste fantastic but it is a real treat for your tummy as it is very low in calories with 100g containing a very diet pleasing 26 calories and NO saturated fat! If that doesn’t get you reaching for your cooking pot, how about if we tell you pumpkin is rich in dietary fibre, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, and is recommended to control cholesterol.

How do we make this amazing soup we hear you cry? Well we have provided you with a great and really simple recipe to get you started.  

Creamy Pumpkin and Bacon Soup

Serves 6 

1 whole pumpkin

2 onions

1 tablespoon curry powder

400g bacon pieces

400ml double cream

1 tablespoon garlic

1 to 3 heaping tablespoons sugar


Cut pumpkin into small wedges (discarding seeds and skin) and add to large pot of water. Dice the two onions and add to pumpkin and water and cook until tender.

Whilst the pumpkin is cooking, sauté garlic along with bacon pieces. Set aside when browned.

When pumpkin and onion are cooked, drain and mash. Add curry powder. Slowly pour in cream. When mixed, add bacon pieces. Consistency should be thick. Stir in sugar, to taste.

Products Used

Master Class Precis 13cm (5") Utility Knife 
Master Class Stainless Steel 7 Litre Stockpot 
Master Class Ceramic Non-Stick Eco 26cm Fry Pan 
Reo Stainless Steel Potato Masher