Less waste, more taste


Less waste, more taste

I have recently been looking into ways I can preserve food for longer after coming across a shocking statistic that the average British household throws away around £60 worth of food and drink a month! Well this statistic sent my food preserving mission into overdrive and I’m so excited that I have managed to find loads of great gadgets to ensure less waste and more taste!

A fantastic range of products that I am totally in love with are Food Huggers, they are the answer to all my food waste nightmares! Available in a range of sizes including a specially designed hugger just for avocados. Simply pop them over your leftover fruit and veg to create a tight seal preserving your food for much much longer. They also work perfectly for covering open cans and jars! Food Huggers are definitely my new best friends!!

Some other great products I have found on my quest to waste less and save more are stay fresh bags, available for mushrooms, garlic, onion and potatoes they work by using black out breathable fabric liner to keep light out and prevent sprouting or sweating keeping produce really fresh.

My final nifty, waste preventing, planet saving gadget is the MISTO oil sprayer, so easy to refill with your favourite oils, vinegars, lemon and lime juice as well as sherry or marsala wine it’s designed to reduce the amount of fat added to food when cooking but also ensures that you don’t waste oil by over poring, a mistake I commonly made. I now use MISTO every time I cook, grill or roast anything.

I hope my new kitchen must haves have inspired you to change the way you store your food and lets put an end the this waste madness!