Prinsesstårta (Princess Cake)


Prinsesstårta (Princess Cake)


75g raspberry jam

For the vanilla patisserie cream

1 vanilla pod

500ml whole milk

6 egg yolks

140g caster sugar

45g corn flour

For the cake layers

5 eggs

150g caster sugar

130g plain flour

1 tsp vanilla sugar

For the whipped cream

700ml whipping cream

2tbs icing sugar

1tsp vanilla sugar

Marzipan coating:

300g marzipan

Green food colouring

1 tsp icing sugar

Marzipan Rose

40g marzipan

Red food colouring

Green food colouring


For the vanilla patisserie cream

In a saucepan heat the milk, split the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds, add to the milk, bring to the boil. As soon as boiling point is reached remove the saucepan from the heat.

In a large mixing bowl whisk the egg yolk and the sugar for two to three minutes, gently add the cornflour and whisk again. Slowly add the milk and vanilla to the bowl constantly whisking as you add.

Return the mixture to the saucepan and heat again until boiling and allow to cook until thickened.

Sieve the mixture into a clean mixing bowl, cover and leave to cool in the fridge overnight.

For the cake layers

Preheat oven 200°c

Draw three 20cm circles onto baking paper and place them on a baking tray.

In a large mixing bowl whisk eggs and sugar until light and fluffy ensuring you get as much air into the mixture as possible.

Fold sifted flour and vanilla sugar into the egg mixture again making sure that you keep as much air in the mixture as possible as this will be the replacement for your your rising agent.

Divide the mixture between the three 20cm circles ensuring that the mixture covers the entire circle.

Bake in the oven for 5-6 minutes or until lightly browned on top.

Transfer the layers to a cooling rack. Before they have completely cooled carefully remove the baking paper.

For the whipped cream

To prepare the whipped cream whisk the whipping cream, icing sugar and vanilla sugar until stiff peaks have formed.

Assembling the cake

Separate the whipped cream into two equal portions. Fold the one portion into the patisserie cream.

On your fist layer of cake spread an even layer of raspberry jam followed but a thick layer of your cream mixture, the cream layer needs to be about 1mm think in order for it to hold. Add your second layer of cake and repeat the process finishing with adding your final layer of cake.

On top of the final layer of cake use the remaining cream mixture to create a dome shape. The dome needs to be about 3cm high.

For the marzipan coating

In a mixing bowl add two drops of green food colouring to the marzipan and mix together.

Roll out the marzipan so that it is an even thickness. Transfer the marzipan onto your rolling pin and place the coating over the cake ensuring you smooth the sides and trim away any excess.

You can use any leftover cream mixture to pip patterns around the base or if you are feel adventurous create a marzipan boarder.


For the marzipan rose


Add a drop of for food colouring to your marzipan. Roll out a 1 mm thick piece, 2 cm wide and around 10 cm long. Roll it up loosely, nip the bottom together, spread the leaves a bit. Add the rose to the top of your cake.

Leave your finished cake in the fridge for two to three hours before serving.

Products Used  

Master Class Non-Stick Heavy Duty 18cm Saucepan

Home Made Traditional Stoneware 29cm Mixing Bowl

Kitchen Craft Beech Wood 30cm Spoon

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Eleven Wire 35cm Balloon Whisk

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel 20cm Round Sieve

Master Class Professional Gastronom Baking Tray

Sweetly Does It Silicone Paper Baking Roll

Colourworks Silicone Spatula

Kitchen Craft Non-Stick Three Tier Cooling Rack

Sweetly Does It Medium Non-Stick Rolling Pin

Sweetly Does It Food Piping Bag

Sweetly Does It Medium Closed Star Icing Nozzle

Sweetly Does It Icing Smoother