Printing to Protect


Printing to Protect

The daily life of our 3D printer is quite an interesting one. Whether it’s forming mini saucepans, mini plates or even mini mugs, we use it quite extensively in prototyping new product ideas.


When we heard about the National 3D Printing Society campaign with MedSupplyDriveUK, there was no question that we needed to transition to supporting during the Covid-19 pandemic.    


Their campaign currently has 2200 3D printers active with an approx. 57270 daily production capacity across 1698 delivery depots.


The printers make the mount for clear PVC screens to then attach to. The mounts are printed in less than an hour and can be stacked to produce multiple mounts from a single print. They also do not need any elastic to be attached, making it easier to sanitise, thereby reducing waste.     


All N3DPS Protective Face Shields are NHS accepted and will be sanitised and assembled by the campaign partners before reaching those on the frontline.