Serving Succulent Barbecue Burgers


Serving Succulent Barbecue Burgers

Heavenly home made burgers are a true taste sensation and really fire up the flames of any barbecue. Impress and reassure your guests that your juicy burgers are all the fruits of your very own labour and then astound them with a repertoire of added ingredients making a truly unique burger menu.

Imagine biting into juicy succulent bun fillers with delicious melt in the middle cheese or experiment with quirky ingredients too. Try mango and chilli, red Thai lamb, Mexican bean burgers, or throw in a range of spices, all from your Kitchen Craft washed wood Spice Jar Set and be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

There’s a secret you see, it’s actually really easy. Forget getting messy and following ancient recipes to a tee. The real pleasure of making home made burgers is achieving excellence the quick way, so look no further than our easy to load burger maker.

Get ready and fill your table proudly with warm crusty buns and heavenly toppings, perfectly served on our Coolmovers melamine dinner plates, so nothing will get broken. Fingers crossed the weather holds off and you can add the perfect finishing touch ; the great flame filled taste.

Enjoy a “new” taste for summer.

View the full step-by-step photoshoot here.


Burger Recipe 

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