Enjoying Champagne This Summer


Enjoying Champagne This Summer

There’s something very classy about champagne, it maybe the flute glasses it’s served in, the fizzing bubbles or just the price tag attached. Whatever it is you can’t deny that there’s something very special about a glass of champagne, therefore it’s only right that we enjoy it at its best.

Scientists have recently discovered that champagne may taste better at room temperature, as warmer bubbles produce the most fizz. A recent study by the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, in France has found that champagne keeps its bubbles for longer if its served slightly warmer – around 18 degrees. 

The average glass of champagne has around one million bubbles, therefore those who like to taste as many bubbles as possible should tilt the flute whilst pouring and serving. The bursting bubbles release carbon dioxide which triggers the sensory receptors in the mouth, causing that pleasant tickling associated with champagne, the number of bubbles is important for the taste as well, as it improves the aroma.

As we pour champagne, we lose a significant amount of the content in dissolved carbon dioxide, the recent study revealed that the concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide depends highly on the champagne temperature and the way in which we serve it. Therefore titling the fluted glass and serving at a slightly higher temperature saves a significant amount of bubbles, allowing us to enjoy champagne at its very best.

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