The Benefits of a Chinese Diet


The Benefits of a Chinese Diet

If a buffet doesn’t spring to mind then Friday night treat will. A night spent in front of the tv with a glass of wine and a couple of your favourite dishes. As we regard Chinese food as a treat it is actually one of the healthiest diets in the world.

Chinese food served in Britain has been westernised to suit our picky taste buds, so real Chinese food is not how we know it. While we are used to tucking in to prawn crackers, sesame prawn toast and sweet and sour pork, the true Chinese diet consists of steamed fish and stir fried vegetables which is washed down with green tea.

The Chinese pride themselves as one of the world’s slimmest nations and this is purely down to their nutritious diet. Packed full of rich vegetables and carbohydrates and only using meat in moderation the Chinese diet is a great way to lose weight. The Chinese follow ten simple steps, and by implementing them in to your own diet it can be a great way to lose weight and to eat healthily. 

  1. Never count calories. A traditional diet is low in sugar with plenty of whole grains and isn’t calorie controlled. A simple way to eat clean is to eat fresh food which are good for your body and cut out any high fat or sugary foods.
  2. See vegetables as your main dish not a side dish. In China, vegetables make up at least half of the food on their plate, naturally low in fat and packed with vitamins and fibre they are a great way to feel fuller for longer.
  3.  Don’t cut out carbs. Rice is a staple part of the Chinese diet. If you stick with sticky, basmati or brown rice, they are a good source of vitamins and nutrients and lower in sugar than white rice.
  4. Eat until you’re full. The Chinese tend to eat three good sized meals and plenty of snacks throughout the day. But unlike other cultures they only eat until they are full so they never feel the need to finish everything on their plate.
  5.  Eat soup. Soup is a key part of every Chinese meal. A simple vegetable soup is a great way to keep up your water intake and fills you up so you’re less likely to over indulge at dinner. 
  6. Balance your yin and yang. The Chinese tend to balance yin (wet and most) and yang (dry and crisp) ingredients. A combination of both yin and yang ingredients is said to keep blood sugar levels stable.
  7. Lightly cook your vegetables; raw vegetables have a higher concentration of vitamins than cooked vegetables. Therefore by only lightly stir-frying vegetables it’s easier for the body to absorb the nutrients.
  8. Eat a variety of healing foods. The Chinese see various foods as medicine. Chillies are used to boost digestion, ginger boosts circulation and garlic is said to fight off colds.
  9. Drink Green Tea. Green Tea is the most popular beverage in China as it is thought to eliminate toxins, improve digestion and reduce hunger pangs.
  10. Take a chilled approach to exercise. The Chinese tend to believe that extreme exercise is a punishment. Instead of spending hours at the gym, the Chinese tend to walk more or cycle.  

This simple advice could help you get your healthy eating on track, and as its Chinese New Year on January 31 there’s never been a better excuse to join in on the celebrations.

Why don’t you try out our Prawn and Cabbage Dim Sum recipe for starters? Easy to prepare and full of flavour our recipe is a great healthy alternative to the usual weekend takeaway.

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