The French Love Our Fish and Chips


The French Love Our Fish and Chips

With the opening of a new restaurant in Paris last year, the French embraced the British classic; Fish and Chips. After years of the French turning their nose up at British food, we have now convinced them that our beloved dishes aren’t as bad as they first believed.

Whilst the French are fantastic at producing café style delicacy’s, the British have homed in on Fish and Chips and made them into true British staple. Paris’ new hip restaurant - The Sunken Chip which sells battered cod with soft chunky chips has made it into the French hearts and even on to a French magazines ‘hottest places to go’ list. The newly opened restaurant, can sell up to 300 takeaways a night for eager diners, including our much loved pickled onions, pickled eggs and mushy peas. To wash everything down with, they even sell Vimto, Lilt and Dandelion and Burdock – in true British tradition.

It is believed that since the London Olympics; the French have become more and more curious about the British way of life. Other restaurants to open throughout France are, a tearoom in Avignon filled with British desserts and teas and a brunch and dinner café which serves eggs, bacon and pancakes, allowing the French to sample our other British delights.

Whilst the French have found a new love for our British cuisine, it’s only fair that we reciprocate the affection. In homage to the French why don’t you try and recreate their delicate parties at home. Our new range of Master Class la pâtisserie Française bakeware is ideal for cooking pastries and deserts, the choice is endless with our new bakeware range, you can create Canelé, Friands, Éclairs, Madelines and much, much more.  

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