Celebrating National Cupcake Week!


Celebrating National Cupcake Week!

The humble cupcake has become one of life’s simple pleasures. Soft sponge topped with thick, buttery, melt in the mouth icing – it really is hard to resist their charm! It only feels like yesterday that the cupcake entered our lives to become the nation’s best loved treat. But little did we know, the cupcake has been making serious groundwork in the baking world since the 19th century.

A revolutionary idea, cupcakes purely came about due to convenience as they saved so much time in the kitchen, and still to this day they are a firm favourite due to their ease. We’re still unsure how the cupcake got his name, but there are two theories 1) the cakes were originally cooked in cups and 2) the ingredients used to make cupcakes were measured out by the cup. In the early days, cupcakes were sometimes called ‘number’ cakes because it was easy to remember the ingredients by their measurements. The earliest cupcake recipe consisted of these key ingredients; one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs, one cup of milk and one spoonful of soda – it’s quite understandable why they were called ‘number’ cakes!

Today, cupcakes can be found in every flavour combination imaginable! Love peanut butter? No problem; you can have peanut butter flavoured icing. Fancy some lemon curd? Just add the sticky sauce to the middle of your cupcake. Whatever you want, however you want it decorated, the choice really is endless. That simple recipe from the 19th century forms the basis of every cupcake, all you need to add is a dash of pizazz and a dollop of creativity and you’ve created your ultimate treat.

Part of the cupcakes appeal is how perfectly decorated they are, visually they are always on point; piled high with icing and topped with fruits, sauces or chocolates, they really are a treat for the eyes as well as the mouth. Fancy a change? How about trying sugar lace icing? New to the sugarcraft world, sugar lace icing, is a key baking trend which has captured the imagination and minds of amateur and professional bakers alike. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this new trend, it is a very simple, yet effective way of decorating cakes and cupcakes. Simply mix Sugarveil Icing Mix with boiling water and apply to stencils, before peeling off and decorating on cakes and cupcakes – et voilà! The effect - a beautiful, sophisticated and one of a kind lace design which stands out from the crowd. 

Take a look at our video to see just how easy it really is. Available to view on our website or on Vimeo.