Cherries - The taste of pure Summer


Cherries - The taste of pure Summer

Eating seasonally, when produce is packed full of flavour is without a doubt the best way for you to enjoy food at its best. Each month we will be highlighting what’s in season and also share one of our favourite recipes using some of these great ingredients. We hope that it’ll inspire you to get in the kitchen, start cooking and ultimately support great British food.

Our favourite seasonal delight and one of the greatest pleasures of the summer, is cherries. Renowned for being one of the most luxurious out of the fruits, cherries are much loved for their succulent flavour and texture.

News to our ears is that this year we are set from a bumper cherry crop, as farmers have predicted the longest and largest season ever! It’s expected that after having the fifth warmest winter since records began, crops could double last years, estimating around 4,000 tons of juicy cherries – Yum! With these beautiful berries hitting the supermarket shelves as early as June, right through to September we’re reducing the need for imports allowing us to enjoy beautiful British produce to the max.   

Cherries are divided in to three groups: sweet, sour and hybrids. The cherries we’re all likely to be most familiar with are sweet cherries. They have a thick, rich, almost plum-like texture and sweet taste – perfect for enjoying in the summer. Whilst sweet cherries are ideal for enjoying on their own, sour cherries are ideal for using in cooking, for example in preserves, pies, tarts and sauces. Although sweet and sour cherries have very similar growing requirements, sour cherries are more tolerant to cold winter and long, hot summers – traits which are becoming a regular occurrence for the British seasons. 

When choosing cherries always make sure you buy plump, shiny cherries which still have their stalks intact. Generally, paler cherries are sweet and dark and luxurious cherries are more acidic – if you can, always try before you buy to get a feel of which type of cherry you prefer. Cherries are dead simple to prepare, remove the stalks, wash thoroughly and use a cherry pitter to pit the cherries – a cherry pitter is an incredibly easy tool which allows you to remove the stone in one foul swoop.

Once you buy cherries they may not last long in your house due to their irresistible, moreish taste, but it’s useful to know that they can last up to 3-4 days in the fridge, or better yet they are the ideal fruit to freeze.

We’ve got a beautifully refreshing dessert to get you through the summer months; Cherry Sorbet – easy to make, and incredible tasting it’ll be your go to dessert to cool you down through the lazy summer afternoons.

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