Vegetable Enchiladas


Vegetable Enchiladas


1 Red onion 

2 Small aubergines

150g Field mushrooms 

2tsp Smoked paprika

2tsp Cumin

400g Tinned chopped tomatoes

8 Tortilla wraps

50g Cheese 

1tbsp Coriander 

1/2 Lime


Finely slice the onions and place in a non-stick frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. 

While the onions are cooking cut the top and bottom off the aubergine and cut into slices and then into matchsticks. 

Add the aubergines to the pan and cook for 10 -15 minutes or until you have cooked out the moisture. 

Finely slice the mushrooms and add to the pan and continue to cook out the water. 

When the frying pan is dry and free from moisture from the ingredients add the paprika and cumin. 

Pour the tinned tomatoes through a sieve to remove the excess water, then add to the pan and stir together. 

Take the filling and season with salt and pepper accordingly. 

Divide the filling between the tortilla wraps, top with salsa, lime juice and coriander.

Finally, add a sprinkle of cheese and fold up to encase the filling. 

Toast the enchilada on both sides in a dry frying pan, then transfer onto a non-stick baking tray, top with a little more salsa and cheese before baking at 160c for 10-12 minutes. 

Products Used:

MasterClass Premium Quality Stainless Steel 250ml Oil Drizzler

MasterClass Salt or Pepper Mill (12cm) - Black

MasterClass Cast Aluminium 28cm Fry Pan

MasterClass Edgekeeper Self-Sharpening 20cm (8") Chef Knife

MasterClass Crusty Bake Non-Stick Baking / Cookie Tray

Colourworks Brights Pink Silicone-Headed Kitchen Spoon with Long Handle

Colourworks Brights Pink Long Handled Silicone-Headed Slotted Food Turner

MasterClass Stainless Steel 18cm Fine Mesh Sieve

MasterClass Smart Space Mixing Bowl Set with Colander and Measuring Jug