Why do we love Tea so much?


Why do we love Tea so much?

With over 165 million cups of tea drunk daily, the humble tea has become a firm British favourite. Providing people with a hug from the inside; a cup of tea is used in times of sadness, happiness, for a catch up with friends, a gossip or just to relax and unwind.

It has been revealed that tea has health benefits too. Just three cups of tea a day could slash the risk of a stroke by around 20 per cent, new research suggests. It’s believed that the hot drink offers powerful protection against deadly brain blood clots that kill around 200 people every day in the UK.

Regardless of the health benefits, the cup of tea has become a national treasure. But where did it all start? Tea was first brought to Britain in the early 17th century by the East India Company. It was a very expensive at first, therefore it was only saved for the rich. Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II introduced the ritual of drinking teas to the English Royal Court and the habit was soon adopted by the aristocracy. The first ever tea shop for ladies was opened by Thomas Twining in 1717 and slowly but surely tea shops began to appear all around England, making the drinking of teas available for everyone.

Now, hundreds of years on there are more than 1,500 different teas on offer including black, green, fruity and herbal. But the firm favorite in Britain still remains the black tea which is often prepared with boiling water and milk. How a ‘proper’ cup of tea should be made is down to personal preference, but whether you enjoy a drop or a splash of milk, with sweetener or with sugar, one spoonful or five spoonfuls, our Le’Xpress range will help you create the perfect cuppa.

The Le’Xpress range includes tea infusing teapots, tea bag holders and squeezers, enabling you to get the most out of every cup of tea. Made from stainless steel the collection of tea infusing teapots and infusers are ideal for fruit and herbal teas, as the infuser allows loose leafs to brew naturally releasing a full, vibrant flavour. Whilst the tea squeezers help you squeeze every last drop out of your teabag.  

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