Microwave Cooking

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  1. KitchenCraft Microwave 900ml Saucepan

    Stain resistant non-stick lidded saucepan for use in the microwave. Ideal for heating soup, stews and beans while creating no splashes inside the microwave. The pan has dual pouring spouts for left or right handed use and two side vents; open to cook in the microwave and close to store food in the…

  2. KitchenCraft Microwave Casserole 3 Piece Set

    Three assorted sized microwavable square containers for healthy cooking, serving or storage. With a vented lid, open for cooking and closed for freezing, each container can hold a variety of foods and can even cook a complete meal within minutes.

  3. KitchenCraft Microwave 1.5 Litres Rice Cooker

    Combines microwave technology with traditional oriental cooking for quick and easy rice cooking in the microwave. Steam circulation means food is heated evenly whilst maintaining moisture. A copy of the instructions can be downloaded here. 

  4. KitchenCraft Microwave 2.2 Litres Steamer Set

    The quick and easy way to prepare your vegetables – this three part microwave steaming set helps retaining vitamins, minerals, colours and flavours in food, while still cooking quickly and easily in the microwave. Made from a 100% food safe material.

  5. KitchenCraft Microwave 26cm Plate Cover with Air Vent

    Microwavable plate cover with an integral air vent to allow steam to escape. Ideal for reheating meals and avoiding splashes on the inside of the microwave. The full external dimensions are 28cm x 5.5cm and the internal dimensions measure 26cm x 5cm.

  6. KitchenCraft Microwave Carrying Tray

    Safely remove hot dishes, bowls, plates and containers from the microwave without risking to burn your hands. Featuring contoured handles to ensure you have a secure hold, the carrying tray remains cool to handle, perfect for safely removing your heated meals from the microwave.

  7. KitchenCraft Microwave Omelette Maker

    An easy way to cook your tasty omelette in minutes. Simply create the mixture, pour into the shaped container, cook and serve. Made from a 100% food safe material with front clip to secure contents during cooking.

  8. KitchenCraft Set of 2 Microwave Bacon Racks

    Set of two microwavable cooking racks for healthier and quicker bacon cooking. Ridged base elevates the bacon allowing fat to drain away. Also ideal for cooking meat and poultry.

  9. KitchenCraft Set of 2 Microwave Egg Boilers

    Create boiled eggs in seconds. This handy set of two egg boilers is specifically designed for easy cooking in the microwave. Ideal for every breakfast, simply place the egg into the boiler and microwave for approximately 20 - 30 seconds.

  10. KitchenCraft Microwave Egg Poacher & Omelette Maker

    Save time in the kitchen with this microwave egg poacher and omelette maker. Quick and easy to use, poach two eggs individually and easily add a choice of fillings to your omelette. Ideal for quick breakfasts and lunches, this multi-purpose gadget is convenient for saving space in the…