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Master Class Trojan 5 Piece Knife Set and Stainless Steel Block



Beautifully forged from single pieces of stainless high carbon steel, these deluxe knives feature bolsters for weight, safety and balance, as well as easy to grip non-slip handles to guarantee you have a firm and comfortable hold. Stored in a sculptured designer brushed stainless steel block, the knives are all precision ground for easy and effective sharpening. A sight to see in any kitchen, the Trojan knife block truly stands out.


Knived are dishwasher safe
Block is wipe clean only
25 year guarantee
Not to be sold to persons under the age of 18


Size of Chefs knife: 20cm (8")
Size of Carving knife: 20cm (8")
Size of Bread knife: 20cm (8")
Size of Utility knife: 12.5cm (5")
Size of Paring knife: 9cm (3½")
Size of block: 21cm x 14cm (8" x 5½")
Set includes: Chefs knife, Carving knife, Bread knife,
Utility knife, Paring knife, block

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The same thing has happened to me. I received this knife set as a Christmas gift December 2014. So far, the tang on 2 knives have ripped out and separated from the handle.

Posted by Joe (4th July 2015)

Overall Rating: 1/5

Hi Joe,

We've just informed our customer services team and someone will be in touch as soon as possible, my apologies for this issue and hopefully we can get it resolved nice and quickly for you!



Reply from Kitchen Craft (6th July 2015)


I purchased these knives from HomeGoods less than 6 months ago. Roughly 1 month ago, the knife pictured in image #5 was being used to cut a carrot, when the metal end that goes in to the rubber handle ripped completely through the rubber and the knife came out. Not only was it dangerous, but it's super disappointing that these knives didn't last me 6 months. I emailed HomeGoods and they told me that I had to contact the manufacturer. I work in eCommerce, so I understand that things can happen, however something as expensive as knives seems like a short life span. I'm upset that such a sleek looking set of knives is so utterly disappointing

Posted by Kelly (8th June 2015)

Overall Rating: 1/5

Hi Kelly,

Please accept our apologies for what has happened here. One of the reasons as to why we include a 25 year guarantee on this particular knife set is due to their reliability and the average lifespan of this knife set usually exceeding the 25 years. It may well be a case that the particular set that you received were from a potentially faulty batch but regardless, it isn't acceptable that this happened and we can only apologise. Our customer services team will be in touch with you today to resolve this for you.


Kitchen Craft

Reply from Kitchen Craft (9th June 2015)

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