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Le’Xpress Mirror Polish 1.3 Litre Whistling Kettle


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The Le'Xpress Stainless Steel Induction Whistling Kettle gives a classic design a very...

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The Le'Xpress Stainless Steel Induction Whistling Kettle gives a classic design a very contemporary twist with its exposed stainless steel shimmer. However, it's also extremely practical. This kettle's 1.3 litre capacity and heavy duty stainless steel core make it ideal for boiling water for your daily brew.

You can boil your water on any type of stove too - including induction. And, of course, you'll always know when its reached the boil as it sounds out that unmistakable whistle! This 1.3 litre whistling kettle is ideal for boiling water to make a 'cuppa throughout the day. It boasts a core made from stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. Fill it with water and bring to the boil again and again - it's more than tough enough.

It doesn't matter what type of stove you have - you can use this whistling kettle on any of them. It features an induction safe base. There's no need to worry about burning yourself when you pick this kettle up off the stove. Both its handle and round lid knob are heat resistant and remain cool to touch.

How do you know when your water's reached the boil? When the kettle starts to whistle, of course. And when you're ready to pour, you can simply lift up the whistling spout cap while wearing an oven glove.

With its exposed stainless steel shimmer, this whistling kettle is just a stylish as it is functional. Whether you've got a rustic or contemporary kitchen - it's sure to make a gorgeous addition!

Le’'Xpress serves that all important shot of caffeine, soothing peppermint tea, calming pot of tea and comforting mug of steaming hot chocolate. Whatever your hot drink of choice, Le'’Xpress can make, serve and store them all.


Capacity: 1.3 Litres

Features & Benefits

  • This traditional kettle features a 1.3 L capacity and a very contemporary shimmering stainless steel finish - and it whistles!
  • Induction safe, so you can boil the water for a 'cuppa on most types of stove
  • Stay cool, heat resistant handle and knob make it safer and easier to remove from your stove
  • 10 year guarantee


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