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Home Made Set of 4 Assorted Stencil Kits



This Home Made Set of Four Jar Stencils makes it so simple for you to decorate your jars and...

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This Home Made Set of Four Jar Stencils makes it so simple for you to decorate your jars and bottles with a stunningly beautiful finishing touch. They're fantastic for finishing home-made gifts or making wedding favours.

Each set features four stencil sheets - including large and small letters and numbers, as well as ornate detailing. With their adhesive backing, you can easily stick them firmly into place. They can be used again too - whether it's to paint the same letter or detail in a different place on your jar, or to decorate another bottle.

These jar stencils are manufactured from strong plastic, which means you can use them again. Across the four stencil sheets you'll find intricately-detailed letters, numbers and ornate decorations in an old-fashioned typeface and a variety of sizes.

They're incredibly easy to use, simply peel away the stencil you want to use from the sheet, then stick it down so it's firmly attached to the surface. This helps to prevent the paint from bleeding. When you've finished, you can gently the individual stencil away and clean it with soapy water and a cloth - ready to use again.

You can use these jar stencils to personalise jars and bottles for gift-giving or wedding favours - from jars of damson jam and tomato and chilli chutney to bottle of home brewed pale ale and perry. They're great for adding a personal message.

From growing your own, picking your own to making your own, the Home made collection offers the very best in cooking what nature has provided.


Bagged with a header card

Features & Benefits

Give your home-made gifts stunning finishing touches over and over again with this set of 4 reusable stencils
Each stencil features a set of large and small letters, numbers and ornate decorations - great for finishing wedding favours or gifts
Self-adhesive backs making them simple to stick down, but you can easily remove them to reuse when you've finished painting
12 month guarantee


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