Help & FAQ's

On this page you can find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding both online ordering and product detail. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact your aligned Sales Representative or the Kitchen Craft Customer Support Team.

Using the Market Place

How can I access the Market Place?

You can access the Market Place from a variety of devices. The KitchenCraft Market Place will function on your standard PC and Mac, as well as all tablet devices. Whilst the screen may be a lot smaller, the Market Place will also function on mobile devices without any issues. Please bear in mind that you must always have an active internet connection to access the Market Place. The Kitchen Craft Market Place will not work without an internet connection.

Logging in to the Market Place

You can log into the Market Place using the dropdown menu towards the top right of your screen, selecting Market Place and filling in the relevant fields. You can also login to the Market Place by selecting Market Place from the website footer (the black solid bar at the bottom) and choosing ‘Sign in or Register’. You will see the same fields as before, simply fill in the relevant details to login to your account. Both login methods work very quickly, however, for the ultimate Market Place experience we recommend using the first method, selecting the Market Place dropdown from the top right of your screen. 

Using the Order History Page

The Order History currently only displays your website orders that you have placed on the new Market Place. Once you’ve placed an order using the new Market Place, simply navigate to the Order History page to see the date and time that the order was placed, the order reference number, the tracking link & the order contents. Once you click into ‘View Details’ you will be able to see the selected delivery address, your customer reference number and any special instructions that you may have included on an order. You can also click ‘Order Contents’ to see exactly what products you ordered, including thumbnail images, product names, codes & prices. You are also able to see any related PDF documents for specific orders where available, this will include Out of Stock Reports, Invoices and Credit Notes. 

Using the PDF Invoices / Credit Notes / OoS Page

The PDF Invoices / Credit Notes / OoS page is the main location for accessing all of the available PDF's that would usually arrive with your order! On this page, once the PDF's are available on the system they are automatically uploaded and will appear alongside the relevant order. This page also includes documents for all of your orders, not just website orders. This includes orders taken by your sales representative to orders that have been faxed in!

What can I view in my account details?

On the account details page, you can view your account code, account status and your credit summary. You also have the ability to change the name on the account as well as the password. At the very bottom of the account details page, you can also see your sales rep as well as contact details should you wish to get in touch with them. 

Where are the promotions and special offers?

Rather than display the promotions and special offers on the Market Place homepage, we have moved them to their very own section! Under the ‘Promotions’ header, we have the 'Bundle Packs' section which includes a selection of products set up in appropriate packs. We have designed this section to further help you, the retailer, in a variety of different ways. Instantly apply product packs, including relevant information for each pack as well as a breakdown of the products that sit in the selected pack. Be sure to pay close attention to this section, we’ll be updating it on a regular basis with new packs! 

As well as the Bundle Packs, we also have the Special Offers section! Select ‘Special Offers’ to see which promotions are currently available. Don’t worry if you think you’re going to miss out on any promotions! We’ll be updating the Market Place alert message at the top of the Market Place every time a new promotion is available. 

What is available in Marketing Support?

The updated Marketing Support page includes everything you need to bring greater in store detail to your selection of Kitchen Craft products. Including leaflets, branding panels, header cards and  merchandising units, everything in the Marketing Support section is available to order directly from the Market Place!

If you would like to see a preview of the leaflets, you are able to download these directly from product page for the specific leaflet so you can see exactly what you're going to get.

What is a Private Product?

A Private Product is an item with limited availability which does not appear on our consumer website for one of several reasons, including:

  • The item in question is no longer an “active” product, having been flagged as either discontinued or to be discontinued.
  • The item in question has a “Restricted Sale” status, most often influenced by geographic location.
  • The item in question has low Stock on Hand remaining and will only be sold on a first come, first served basis until cleared.
  • The item in question could be a spare part.

The system should correctly determine which Private Products you can purchase. However, if you experience any problems in this area then please contact your assigned Sales Representative or the Kitchen Craft Customer Support Team.

What is the Bulletin Board? How does it work?

The bulletin board section of the Market Place contains everything you need to know about up coming trade shows and seasonal suggestions. With two sections in the Bulletin Board section, you can select the 'Trade Shows' option to see which shows Kitchen Craft will be attending this year, including details of the dates and stand location. 

As well as trade show information, we also have introduced the new 'Seasonal Suggestions' section. This section includes a selection of products that are specific for the upcoming seasons, allowing you, the retailer, the chance to look at exactly a selection of products that we think are suited to the current season. This section will be updated on a regular basis, with new categories added to reflect the upcoming seasons, check back here on a regular basis to make sure you know exactly what we're suggesting! 

Does my basket save automatically?

Yes! Every time you click the Update Totals button, the Market Place automatically stores your latest basket! This will be saved in your current basket exactly as you left it , provided that you pressed the 'Update Totals' button. You can also find your latest saved basket as a ‘Saved Cart’ in your Order Templates, so you never risk losing your current order. If you log out and come back the next day, simply select ‘Order Templates’ or choose “View an auto-saved version here” from the basket page. Once you have selected either option, you can load the automatically saved order back into your basket and carry on ordering! 

Help! My basket didn’t save! What should I do?

Every basket is automatically saved! If you cannot see the order in your current basket, simply select ‘Template Orders’ or choose “View an auto-saved version here” from the basket page. Once you have selected either option, you can load the automatically saved order back into your basket and carry on ordering! 

Can I access Care and Use Instructions for the Kitchen Craft product range via your website?

Yes. Where care and use instructions are added to our products / packaging, copies can be located within the USEFUL BITS section within the top menu. Either scroll down the page or simply hover over the USEFUL BITS area to directly select CARE & USE INSTRUCTIONS from the secondary menu which then appears.  

Why am I not on the stockist list?

If you are unable to find your store on the stockist finder, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team on +44 (0) 121 604 1111 and we will update our list so that you store appears on the stockist finder. 

Why Tracking Information May Not be Available

Sometimes tracking information won't be available. This may be due to the timing of tracking-database updates by the carrier, the sophistication of a particular carrier's tracking system, or the lack of full integration into's tracking systems.

If you would like to track your order directly, please phone the sales team on 0121 604 1111 and have your order number close to hand. The sales team will then able to provide you with a tracking number (where applicable) allowing you to track your order directly on the carrier’s website directly. 

Ordering on the Market Place

How can I quickly place an order?

The quickest way to place an order using the Kitchen Craft Market Place is via the Quick Order Entry Form or the Quick Order Search. Both of these are located on the basket page. When on the Market Place dashboard, select ‘Place an order’ to be navigated to the basket page. Once on the basket page, you can use the Quick Search Order function to quickly put an order together. You can either search for a product name (World of Flavours Pasta Machine), product code (KCMACH2) or a general search ‘Pasta Machine’ to be presented with a list of products relevant to your search. You can quickly select this product and it will instantly appear in your basket.

The alternative is the Quick Order Entry Form. Simply key in your product codes and quantities into the relevant fields (selecting more fields if you need) and select ‘add to basket’. It is important that you add the products from the Quick Order Entry to your basket before proceeding any further, we recommend that after 10 or so lines, you select the 'Add Products to my Order' button to ensure that these products are in your basket and you won't lose your current order! 

We have introduced a dynamic basket for the new Market Place, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust quantities without the page refreshing each time. Please bear in mind that you must select the Update Totals button in order for an order to be automatically saved. You can adjust your quantities from the basket page by either typing in a number or using the + or – buttons. Once you have made any changes to the quantities, simply update the totals to have this updated in your basket.                 

I prefer to order from a range of products, how do I do this?

If you prefer to get a much more detailed look at the products when ordering, we have now introduced the ability to order from a product range page. Simply navigate to a category or a range and add the products to your basket! Once you have selected ‘Add to basket’, a temporary update window will drop down on the top right of your screen informing you of the change to your basket and the current value. You can very quickly and easily navigate through an entire brand adding products to your basket whilst also seeing exactly what you’re ordering. Of course, you can still go directly into a product detail page and look at the product in a lot of detail before adding it to your basket. Once you are in a product detail page, you can also view all of the imagery for that particular product. Whilst this is the slowest way to order, you are able to see the most detail for the product. 

What are Order Templates?

The Order template section contains a variety of different methods in which to quickly and efficiently place orders.

Once you are in the ‘Order Template’ page, you can upload a template, apply a template or create a template. If you upload your orders using an excel spread sheet or would like to order in this way, select upload a template and download the CSV file. Fill in the template on Excel with the product code and the quantity before saving and uploading it to the website system. We have changed the file type required from the old Market Place to improve response times and upload times. If you currently have the original template saved from the old Market Place, please remove this and replace it with the new template. Once your template is uploaded, apply it to your basket before viewing and checking out.

You can also create template orders directly from your basket. If you find that you order a similar selection of products on a regular basis, simply select ‘Save as template’ and name the template appropriately (e.g Bakeware). The next time you place an order on the Market Place, choose to apply this template and you’ve saved yourself a great deal of time! You can even add a template to your basket without removing any current products from your basket, as well as being able to remove products from your basket after the template has been applied. If you want to remove any saved templates, select ‘Delete’ to permanently remove templates from your Market Place account.

What is the minimum order value I can place via the Market Place?

The minimum Market Place order value for UK mainland customers is £250. For Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Islands and Northern Island customers, this value is £500. If you wish to place an order for less than the minimum stated for your region, please contact your aligned Sales Representative or the Kitchen Craft Customer Support Team.

Can I order less than the minimum order quantity stated?

No. Minimum order quantities are fixed in the Market Place. If you attempt to order a quantity less than the minimum stated, the Market Place system will automatically increase your order quantity.

If I exceed the minimum order quantity, do I need to continue ordering in complete pack quantities?

Yes. If the minimum order quantity of an item is 12 (1 pack), the next available order quantity for this item would be 24. If you were to enter a value less than 18 in this instance, the Market Place will round your order quantity down to 12. However, if you enter a value greater than 18, it will round your order quantity up to 24.

What is the maximum number of items I can order at one time?

The maximum number of order lines available at any one time will be 900.

Will my final order be shown inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

When creating and submitting your order within the Market Place, total values will always be shown exclusive of VAT. However, when you receive your Sales Order Invoice, the VAT included in that order will be stated.

Can I change an order once I’ve placed it?

Unfortunately, in most circumstances it’s not possible to make changes to your order once you’ve placed it as our warehouse is already at work packing it for you. However, if you notice an issue immediately please get in touch with our Customer Support Team on +44 (0) 121 604 1111 and provided the order hasn't been dispatched, we will do our very best to fulfil your order amendment. 

How do I track my order?

If you’ve created a Market Place account you can track your orders and view older online orders by logging in using the Market Place login link towards the top right of the home page. From the Market Place dashboard, you can click the 'Order History' button to instantly view all orders along with the tracking status.