A Seasonal delight, fresh Mackerel


A Seasonal delight, fresh Mackerel

Your seasonal guide to fresh produce that is at its best each month. This August make the most of wonderful summer flavours.

Eating seasonally, when produce is packed full of flavour is without a doubt the best way for you to enjoy food at its best. Each month we will be highlighting what’s in season and also share one of our favourite recipes using some of these great ingredients. We hope that it’ll inspire you to get in the kitchen, start cooking and ultimately support great British food.

This month’s recipe:

One of the many delights of the season is fresh mackerel. This oily fish works wonderfully in salads, pasta dishes or simply barbequed. With the benefits of mackerel including fortifying the immune system, improving the condition of blood and improved cellular health, there really isn’t any reason not to tuck in.

When buying fresh mackerel look out for firm, shiny bodies and clear, bright eyes if sold with the heads on.

Click to view our wonderful Warm mackerel & beetroot salad 

Other seasonal delights include:

Vegetables: Marrow, Pepper, Sweetcorn

Fruit: Apple, Plums

Fish and Shellfish: Mackerel, Monkfish, Sea Bass

Meat and Game: Beef, Rabbit  

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