And relax! – leftovers, hangovers and the party of the year! | Beckie’s Christmas survival guide, part 5


And relax! – leftovers, hangovers and the party of the year! | Beckie’s Christmas survival guide, part 5

Welcome to my Christmas blog! My name is Beckie, and I’m one of the brand managers here at KitchenCraft. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on some of my favourite bits of Christmas (mainly the food…).


Hi again, here we are for our final instalment – Leftovers, More Cheese and New Year’s Eve!


Boxing Day


Going back a few years, definitely before we had kids. My husband and I had a habit of getting a bit “merry” on Christmas night, which of course meant we did not feel very merry at all on Boxing Day. This lead to my husband creating the best hangover cure ever!!!!!

After rummaging through the fridge he came across some left over pigs in blankets. This was a very fortuitous yet unlikely event as he has a bit of a thing for pigs in blanket and they don’t usually get over looked by him.

For whatever reason, this particular year there were some left, and his tired and hungry state he did the first thing he could think to do with them - add them to a pan with baked beans.

He somehow also managed to boil a couple have eggs and grill up some perfect thick granary toast. Heaped up on a plate and in our terrible state it was the best think we had ever eaten. Severed up with some fresh orange juice and good strong coffee we were cured! Bright eyed, scruffy haired and ready to hit the sales!

Since that year we always seem to start the quiet bit between Christmas and New Year with that breakfast. It has become just as much a part of the Christmas festivities as the bin liner in the middle of the room for the wrapping paper. If you happen to find yourself a little worse for wear this year, give it a go - you won’t regret it.

Another great post-Christmas breakfast is Panettone French Toast with Christmas Spiced Syrup

It is full of sugar and spice and all thing Chrsitmassy. It also tastes better when the panatone is just starting to go stale, so you won’t have to waist any by throwing it away.

So, now that Christmas and Boxing Day are out of the way we are on the countdown to New Year’s Eve and at this point the food in my house seems to shift from comfort to party!

Growing up, New Year’s Eve was a huge event in my extended family. My parent, Aunts and Uncles would take it in turns to host but no matter whose house we were at the food was the same – Buffet.

So what makes a good buffet? Food trends over the last few years have been all about the miniature meal, mini pies, mini burgers, mini cakes. This year I have even seen mini tacos and soup shots! But the real trick t a good buffet is to have a mix of hot and cold dishes. People never visit a buffet table once, they will keep coming back for more, so the warm items will inevitably go first leaving space for cold cuts, cheeses and nibbles to follow.

When the clock is ready to strike midnight, make sure your glasses are filled with something a little special like another chance to enjoy our - Pomegranate and Orange Champagne Cocktail from BarCraft.

So here is where my story ends, and I have to admit, writing this has made me feel very nostalgic and maybe a little hungry…

So however you spend your Christmas this year, just make sure to enjoy it. Raise a glass to old friends and new, and laugh out loud. Christmas comes just once a year (which is a very good thing for my waist line) so eat, drink and be merry - or as we like to say at KitchenCraft - Cook, Serve and Enjoy!


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 

Beckie (and everyone at KitchenCraft)