Baking my own wedding cake….am I mad?


Baking my own wedding cake….am I mad?

I am currently in the midst of planning what will be the happiest day of my life, my wedding.

As any bride knows you spend hours trawling Pinterest and blogs for quirky, fun and new ideas to give your big day that glittering edge. Don’t get me wrong I am thoroughly enjoying the process but it is immensely time consuming so to try and make your life a little easier I thought I would share with you some creative ideas and tips for creating your very own dream wedding cake at half the price and with just a little elbow grease.

I always thought it was a really brave decision and admired anyone who chose to make their own wedding cake but now I have carried out LOTS of research and discovered some wonderful gadgets that are designed to give you a professional look at home I am going to take the plunge and make my own cake, ekkk!

I will be using a basic fruit cake covered with white icing, click here for my recipe.

Now the fun really begins in personalising the cake.

Sugar lace is massively on trend at the moment and gives cakes a really professional finish without been to tricky to master, it’s definitely best to have a practise first and check out our step by step video to make life even easier. I am going to use white sugar lace around each of the tiers, three in total.

If you wanted to keep your cake simple and fuss free you could just add sugar lace and leave it at that but I want to add a little colour to mine so will be using a silicone fondant mould to create petit edible roses and to make my cake really impactful I will be using different shades of pink fondant but you can use any colours you prefer. Good news, there is also a step by step video for using the fondant moulds, check it out here.

 Now there is one more technic that I have been thinking of trying but I’m still not sure if it is a little out of my comfort zone so thought I would share it with you guys first and see what you think. Your cake needs to be sitting on a rotating cake board in order for this to work, you first need to create a water coloured edible paint, this is done by mixing alcohol (vodka works best) with a gel colour, take a cake decorating brush and dip it into the mixture, hold the brush above the cake and let the paint run off the brush and over the cake, spinning the cake as it drips from the brush. This technique will create a crazy psychedelic cake but looks so much fun! What do you think; would you try it for your big day?

I would love to hear any more great tips and ideas for the prefect home made wedding cake.