Chinese New Year – The Year of the Goat


Chinese New Year – The Year of the Goat

With Chinese New Year tomorrow, walking through Birmingham’s Chinatown the display of brightly coloured lanterns and decorations are truly stunning, all the wonderful detail that is going into the celebrations has inspired me to create my own Oriental themed evening.

In order to create an authentic feel to my celebrations I have turned to the Oriental collection, part of the World of Flavours range, with a wealth of delicately decorated serving items including Dip Bowls, Soy Sauce Sets, Serving Bowls, and Platters each coordinated with beautiful oriental designs, they are perfect for the occasion but also look great as general decoration.  

The high quality Carbon Steel Wok’s included in the collection are really functional and a pleasure to cook with due to their flat bottom design giving stability to the wok and the deep sloped sides ensure heat is distributed quickly and evenly, perfect for authentic oriental cooking.

But by far my favourite product from the range is the Sushi Maker, with a press and cutting guide it takes all the fiddly bits out of creating fantastic looking Sushi and reduces the preparation time by half. I have been experimenting with so many different flavours and all have been delicious and look as professional as any Sushi I have bought, I won’t be returning to shop bought now I have this nifty gadget!

Below I have shared a few of the recipes I will be making tomorrow and a video of me using the Sushi Maker so you too can celebrate the year of the Goat.

Simple Sushi Recipe

Turkey Singapore Noodles 

Prawn and Cabbage Dim Sum