Christmas pudding


Christmas pudding
8-10 servings


125g Currants

125g Sultanas

80g Sour cherries

150g Chopped prunes

150 ml Sherry

50ml Orange liquor

100g Plain flour

125g Breadcrumbs fresh

150g Suet or shortening

150g Muscovado sugar

2 tbsp Honey

¼ tsp Ground Cloves

1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1 tsp Baking powder

2 Lemons zest only

3 Large free range eggs

1 Medium cooking apple, peeled and grated


Here’s how

  1. Put the currants, sultanas, cherries and prunes into a bowl with the sherry and orange liquor, then cover and leave to steep overnight.

  2. Place a large pan of water on to boil, and butter your pudding basin.

  3. In a large mixing bowl, combine all the remaining pudding ingredients.

  4. Add the soaked fruits, making sure you add all the soaking liquid as well as its packed with flavour.

  5. Continue to stir the pudding mixture together until it is all evenly combined.

  6. Spoon the mixture into the prepared pudding basin, press it down and put on the lid.

  7. Steam for 5 hours, checking every now and again that the water hasn’t boiled dry.

  8. When it's 5 hours, remove and leave to cool.

  9. Wrap the pudding up so it is airtight and store somewhere in the back of the cupboard until Christmas.

  10. On the big day steam again, this time for 3 hours or you can microwave the pudding if you prefer, just make sure it is covered and piping hot in the middle.

  11. To serve, remove from the pan or steamer, take off the lid, put a plate on top, turn it upside down and give the basin a tap to release the pudding.

  12. Just before serving add a few tablespoons or brandy or more orange liquor and light it for a festive cheer.