Edgar Allan Poe


Edgar Allan Poe


2 floz. Dark Spiced Rum
½ floz. Cream
½ floz. Cinnamon Syrup
Apple Juice
Activated charcoal powder
Cinnamon powder
Black sugar sprinkles (used for cake decorating)



Prepare the martini glass by dipping the rim in a small dish of apple juice and then into a small dish of black sugar sprinkles.

Add the rum, cream and cinnamon syrup to a cocktail shaker and top up with ice. Shack vigorously until condensation begins to build up on the outside of the shaker.

Strain into the prepared glass and to off with apple juice.

Add a pinch of cinnamon powder and 2 pinches of activated charcoal then carefully stir with a mixing spoon.


Products Used

BarCraft Three Piece Cocktail Set

BarCraft Stainless Steel 28cm Mixing Spoon

BarCraft Small Copper Ice Bucket with Lid