Elderflower Gin and Tonic


Elderflower Gin and Tonic


20 elderflower heads 

450g white sugar 

1 tsp citric acid 

1 litre of water 

2 shots of gin, 35ml each 

2 cans of tonic water 

8 wild strawberries or everyday strawberries, cut up into small pieces 


Place the washed elderflowers into a large non-stick pan followed by the sugar, water and citric acid. 

Gently heat the pan until the sugar dissolves, then turn up the heat and boil for 5 minutes. 

Leave the pan to cool a little, before carefully pouring the mixture through a sieve to catch all the flowers, then pour into a homemade bottle and keep in the fridge. 

To make the cocktail, fill your glass with ice and then pour a shot of syrup over the ice. 

Add a few strawberries and a measure of your favourite gin, followed by your chilled tonic.

Now time to relax in the garden, Happy Friday!

Products Used:

Home Made 500ml Cordial Bottle

Mikasa Julie Set Of 4 19.75Oz Stemless Wine Glasses

MasterClass Cast Aluminium 4 Litre Casserole Dish

MasterClass Stainless Steel 14cm Fine Mesh Sieve

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