Get your garden summer ready


Get your garden summer ready

April is the perfect time to get out into the garden and start preparing for summer. Here are some of my top tips for giving your garden that much needed face lift.

  • Begin regularly cutting your lawn, if grass is very long, adjusting the setting on your lawn mower so that the blades are at the highest setting, reduce the blade height a little at a time and go over the lawn again, it may be a little time consuming the first time but will ensure great results.

  • Repair patchy areas of your lawn by either re seeding or replacing with turf, I advise you repair patchy areas as soon as possible to ensure weeds don’t begin appearing.

  • Remove dead heads from spring flowering bulbs, this will encourage energy storage within the bulb rather than using it for seed reproduction.

  • Use compost from your compost bin to spread over borders, this will add valuable nutrients and will act as a mulch to lock in moisture and encourage strong growth.

  • Position plant supports where they will be needed in late summer, it’s a good idea to do this now as you will reduce the risk of damaging roots later in the season.

I always enjoy a leisurely day tending to my garden, especially in this fantastic weather we are experiencing at the moment and Home Made Garden offers all I need to ensure my garden blooms this summer, from handy herb markers to great ways to label and store seeds, check out the full collection here.