Getting to grips with kitchen tools


Getting to grips with kitchen tools

When opening the utensil draw in your kitchen we all face the same mass of peelers, turners, spoons and other utensils and trying to work out which is the best for the job at hand is not so easy.

So let’s try and make sense of the two big ones – peelers and turners

What type of peeler…. Fixed? Swivel? “Y” Shaped? There a just too many options

Well the best peeler for you definitely depends on the task at hand. Fixed head peelers allow you to be more accurate but can be slower to use, so these are best for veg like carrots. A “Y” peeler is all about speed which is why they are preferred in professional kitchens. They may take a bit of getting used to as you peel towards you rather than away like a fixed peeler (I know people that use these towards so maybe leave that bit out) but they are great for rounded and thicker skins like squash and if you want to make long thin slices of courgettes and carrots. If you want something more in the middle though then the swivel peeler gives you some of the better points from both types. The double blade allows you to peal both towards and away from you with only a small compromise on speed v’s accuracy. They are great for rounded fruit and veg with a thin skin layer like, apples, potatoes. Whichever is the peeler for you though, make sure the blades are sharp! We all sharpen our knives but a dull blade on a peeler will slow you down and you are more likely to slip as you go. If your blade is dull it might be a good time to invest in a new peeler and save time and your knuckles along the way.

So what Turner? – Solid or half or slotted?

It might seem pretty obvious why you want a slotted turner as they help drain fat, oils, sauces etc. when flipping and lifting food but what about a solid turner? Well, believe it or not there is a benefit! As the solid base provides a firmer base to hold the food as it is lifted (almost creating a vacuum) it is less likely to slide off as you serve. Whereas a half turner gives you a much larger surface area to lift and flip food like chips and wedges and allows them to fall easily back on to a tray or into a pan.

It might seem that you have too many kitchen tools but each really should have its place.