Greek Yoghurt and Harissa Dip with Black Olive Flatbreads


Greek Yoghurt and Harissa Dip with Black Olive Flatbreads

Serves 4


For the flatbreads:

450g strong white bread flour 

7g dried yeast

1 tsp salt 

300ml water

120g pitted black olives 

1 tbsp coriander seeds 

1 tbsp cumin seeds

For the dip:

400g greek yoghurt 

1 tbsp harissa paste 

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

1 lemon 

1 tbsp coriander seeds 

1 tbsp cumin seeds 

1 tsp dried mint 

A handful of fresh mint leaves


To make the flatbreads, measure out the flour, yeast and salt into a large mixing bowl. 

Make a well in the middle and pour in the water.

Mix the dough with your hand until it forms a soft ball of dough, then transfer to a clean lightly floured worktop and knead for 5-10 minutes until smooth and stretchy.

Return the dough to the mixing bowl and cover, leave the dough to prove for 1 hour or until it doubles in size. 

Now to make the dip, spread the yoghurt out onto a serving plate using the back of your spoon.

Make a well in the centre of the plate and spoon in the harissa, then top with a good squeeze of lemon. 

Drizzle the plate with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with coriander, cumin and dried mint.

Finally, scatter with freshly pickled mint for added fragrance and flavour.

When the dough has proved, drizzle a little olive oil on the worktop and scoop out the dough. 

Turn the dough over in the oil and knock out all of the air. 

Sprinkle with black olives and spices and knead together to get a nice even distribution of flavour throughout the bread. 

Dust the bread with flour and cut into 10-12 portions. 

Roll each portion out into a round flatbread shape, then place one at a time into a dry hot frying pan and toast on each side until golden and crisp. 

When all the flatbreads are cooked you can serve them up with the dip or if you want extra crispy flatbreads like in the video, pop them into the oven at 160c for 10-15 minutes to crisp up.

Products Used:

Sabatier Maison Edgekeeper Self-Sharpening 8" Chef Knife

MasterClass 28cm Food Tongs

Colourworks Classics Cream Silicone-Headed Kitchen Spoon with Long Handle

KitchenCraft Deluxe Stainless Steel 21.5cm Bowl

Chef'n Zipstrip™ Herb Stripper

MasterClass Cast Aluminium 26cm Fry Pan