Life of pie!


Life of pie!

The humble pie has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years thanks to the makeover they’ve received from gastro pubs. Pies have now been repositioned as a popular meal staple whether they are savoury or sweet one thing is true for all; they are all indulgent and delicious, and we eat millions of them every year.

In fact, research has shown that people in the Midlands – the home of the pork pie – love tucking in to pies more than anywhere else in the UK, with 90% having eaten at least one in the past year!

Despite not being known for their healthy credentials it really doesn’t seem to be putting anyone off. After all they do say “a little of what you fancy does you good”.

The availability of some really good shop bought pastry these days means they can also be quick to make but if you feel you would like to make from scratch, our Lattice Pastry Rollers, Pie FunnelsRolling Pins and Pastry Brushes are there to make it as easy as possible.

When it comes to serving it’s great to present everyone with their very own pie to tuck into. Our new range of Home made pie dishes in either a round or oval shape is a great way of making everyone feel special.

So, whether you make a hearty steak and ale pie, a comfort food classic, or are tempted by a perfect apple pie with a flaky crust just like your Nan used to make, you will have fun baking them with our tools and gadgets! 

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