Low Fat Curried Chicken Salad Wrap


Low Fat Curried Chicken Salad Wrap


2 tablespoons low fat Greek yoghurt

2 teaspoons mango chutney

1/2 teaspoon curry powder

1 cooked and sliced chicken breast

1 pitta bread

1 medium sliced tomato

3 leaves cos lettuce


Mix the yoghurt, chutney, curry powder, salt and pepper together.

Cut pitta bread lengthways down the middle, making a pocket for the filling. Spread all around the inside with the curried mango yoghurt.

Add the chicken and the sliced tomatoes to the pitta and top generously with layers of lettuce leaves.

Enclose the pitta bread and press together tightly before wrapping in foil. 

Products Used 

Home Made Traditional Stoneware 21cm Mixing Bowl 

Master Class Butter Knife 

Pure Seal Square 700ml Storage Container