Making a healthy lunch more exciting doesn’t have to be a challenge.


Making a healthy lunch more exciting doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Every year I promise myself this year will be different and I will stick to eating healthily for the ENTIRE year but two weeks in and I’m scratching my head for ideas for healthy lunches that I can take easily to the office so I’m not tempted to buy a calorific sandwich from the café.

This year I’m determined things will be different and the means I need a plan! I have decided I am going to have a five day plan that I will prepare at the beginning of the week and will consist of two smoothies, a soup, a salad and a hot lunch. The format will stay the same each week and I will just change the ingredients. So here’s week ones plan. My favourite is Green Tea Smoothie, try my recipe here.

Monday – Don’t panic, green smoothies are your friend! Packed with nutrients, one of these for lunch will contribute to a glowing complexion and a smaller waist line.

Tuesday – I always need a bit of comfort on a Tuesday to get me through the rest of the week. Pork, white bean and kale soup is the perfect winter warmer and is still super healthy.

Wednesday – I always feel disappointed when taking a salad to work as it always looks delicious when first prepared but by the time I come to eat it, it’s always a bit soggy and limp looking so in the hope of a fresher salad I am going to try a Pure Seal Rectangular 5.2 Litre Storage Container that has four removable interior dividers for separating each component of my salad.

Thursday – It’s back to the smoothies on Thursday but this time I’m going for an Almond and Orange one. Try the recipe here.

Friday – By Friday I will be ready for something a little more substantial and Spicy Tuna and Cottage Cheese Jacket is great for when its chilli outside but is still super healthy.

I have put some more of my favourite healthy lunches on Pinterest, check them out whenever you need a boost in motivation or have just run out of ideas.

Good luck and Happy New Year.