Mushroom Burgers


Mushroom Burgers

250g Mushrooms
2 Large Eggs
One finely chopped onion
120g flour
Salt and Pepper


Finely chop the mushrooms and onion and combine into a mixing bowl. Add in a sprinkle of salt, pepper and thyme. Then, add in two large eggs and 120g sieved flour. Once all in the bowl, give it a good stir and it should become quite stiff. Using your hands shape the mixture into 4-5 balls flattened. Fry in oil for 3-4 minutes each side until the burger is slightly crisp. Place the burger on your bun and top with any desired toppings (garlic mayonnaise goes very nicely).

Products Used

Home Made Traditional Stoneware 31cm Mixing Bowl

KitchenCraft Food Chopper with Revolving Blade

KitchenCraft Non-Stick Eco 28cm Fry pan

Home Made Quarter Pounder Burger Press