National Pie Week


National Pie Week

There has been no getting away from National Pie Week this week, everywhere I turn people are talking, tweeting or eating pie so I thought I better get in on the action so decided to bake a family favourite in our house, apple pie.

I prefer to make my pastry from scratch, in my opinion it always tastes a little nicer and I love it to look a bit rustic. Don’t be daunted if it’s the first time you are making your own pasty it’s actually really simple and shouldn’t  take you longer than half an hour to prepare.

I also found some great products in our Home Made range that really do help create better pastry and dare I say it helped me bake the best pie I have ever made, I can’t believe I didn’t discover them sooner!

The Home Made Wooden Pastry Board with Measures is fantastic for getting pastry to the exact size needed and saves making a mess all over the work counter but the feature that really excels this product for me is the contoured edges enabling you to lift the pastry from the board with minimal handling, the key to great pastry is keeping the dough as cool as possible so the less handling the better.

The second product that ensured my pastry was wonderfully crispy and kept the filling from splattering all over the oven and my pie dish was the Home Made Stoneware Blackbird Pie Funnels, fantastic for letting steam escape whilst looking beautiful , I kept mine in the centre whilst serving.

My final pietastic product is the Home Made Fluted Round Pie Dish, ok so it doesn’t really enhance the flavour or taste of the pie in anyway but it looks so pretty that it makes me want to bake a pie everyday just so I can use it. If that isn’t reason enough to rush out an buy this beautiful dish then how about the fact that it comes with an apple pie recipe already printed on the interior so no need to search through recipe books or the internet, I love any product that saves time and makes my life a little easier. 

Below I have popped the links to all the products I have featured along with a copy of my apple pie recipe.

Happy National Pie Week!



Home Made Stoneware Blackbird Pie Funnels

Home Made Fluted Round Pie Dish

Home Made Wooden Pastry Board with Measures

Apple Pie Recipe