Preparing the Perfect Pancake


Preparing the Perfect Pancake

I’ve always found making pancakes tricky – my batter always comes out a bit lumpy and I really struggle when it comes to flipping them!

This year I’m determined to get it right and although they are still a work in progress I have learnt some great tips -

  • Using the correct pan is really important, the sides of a normal frying pan are too sloped, using a crepe pan or a griddle will give far better results.
  • Too much stirring will make your pancakes tough and chewy. Try to remove all lumps after you have added only a little milk as once all the milk has been added, trying to remover the lumps will make the mixture thin and will require a lot of stirring.
  • Only flip your pancake once bubbles have risen on the surface, burst and then stay open, it is a common mistake to flip the pancake as soon as bubbles appear, be patient!!
  • For the perfect flip, slide a fish slice / pallet knife under the pancake, lift about three inches from the pan and turn your wrist quickly and smoothly, do not use your full arm to turn it as the pancake will smear back into the pan.

Click here for my basic pancake recipe to get you started.

Good luck!