Pretzel Freakshake


Pretzel Freakshake


1 tbsp of chocolate sauce

400ml milk

2 generous scoops of chocolate ice cream

1 tbsp of Nutella

Additional 2 scoops of chocolate ice-cream for putting into the glasses

Whipped cream



Whisk together the milk and ice cream into a thick chocolate milkshake.

Drizzle chocolate sauce around the inside of the glass and spread the Nutella around the rim. Add pretzels around the top of each one. Add a scoop of ice-cream and pour in the chocolate milkshake.

Pipe high with whipped cream then add more pretzels dipped in Nutella to the top.

Products Used 

Master Class Deluxe Stainless Steel Rotary Whisk

Colourworks Large Green Melamine Two Tone Mixing Bowl

Master Class Stainless Steel 6 Piece Measuring Spoon Set

Home Made Traditional Glass Drinks Jar with Straw

Savora Black Ice Cream Scoop