Sensational Sugarcraft


Sensational Sugarcraft

Sugar craft has become one of the fastest growing hobbies around so, what are you waiting for? Join in the fun. Feel the true sense of satisfaction when presenting stunning cakes made with love, creativity and skill to your beloved friends and family.

Whether you start your new hobby as an amateur or jump in as a professional cake maker, Kitchen Craft's very own sugar craft collection, ‘Sweetly Does It’, has everything you need to truly put the icing on the cake. So immerse yourself in a wonderful world of sugary sensations.

Sweetly Does It now offers over 200 cake decorating and serving items providing a comprehensive sugar craft presentation. Embracing the hottest trends around for cake making, decorating and serving from start to finish, including macaroons, cake pops, cupcakes, whoopie pies and home made chocolates, Sweetly Does It covers them all, no matter what your level of ability, talent or price. From the basic necessities such as piping bags and cupcake cases through to the trusted classics of icing guns and stainless steel palette knives, right the way to products of the moment such as fun cake pop moulds and macaroon mats.  

With a little bit of amateur artisan, a sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of enthusiasm you’ll work your way up the art of confectionery ladder in absolutely no time. Sweetly Does It is the range for customers who take sugar craft seriously, and for those who enjoy getting sticky trying to.

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