Summer Preserving with Home Made


Summer Preserving with Home Made

According to a recent survey, we’re throwing away over seven million tons of untouched food each year, with fresh vegetables and salad topping the charts as the most wasted food. It’s estimated on average that we’re throwing around £700 worth of food in to the bin - an incredible amount when you think more than half of the food wasted could have been avoided. Our desire to over buy and over spend due to supermarket offers such as ‘Buy one get one free’ is the main cause as to why we are wasting so much food.

Over the years preserving and pickling has become really trendy, as it’s a really easy and cheap way of using up and preserving food which would otherwise go to waste. With vegetables and salad topping the charts as the most wasted food group and with fresh fruit not far behind it makes sense to turn these bruised, battered, unloved products in to beautiful preserves.

Flying the flag for reducing waste is our Home Made collection, designed to grow your own, pick your own and make your own, you can take pride in knowing that you’re doing your bit to help reduce waste consumption. Whether you’re a novice or a professional we have a selection of kits to either guide you step by step or let your imagination run wild.

Kick off your jam making with our preserving starter kit, filled with everything you need to create wonderful jams and chutneys you’ll ask yourself why you’ve never tried to make your own jam before.  The starter kit comes complete with maslin pan, thermometer, jam jars, a jam funnel, decorative stickers, as well as jam jar covers and ribbons. 

Not content on just making jams and chutneys then try your hand at pickling. Really simple and delicious, it’s a great way to keep vegetables and fruits fresh, way past their sell by date. How do you preserve I hear you ask? All you need is a good glug of white wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic gloves and a selection of chopped vegetables and spices and you’re on your way – it’s that simple. It’s not just about the taste; ensure you have the correct jars for your pickled veggies too. We have a huge selection of preserving jars to suit every quantity, need and taste.

Take a look at our Home Made range to see how you can get the most out your fresh produce!