The art of poaching fish


The art of poaching fish

Are you desperate to put healthy suppers back on the menu but looking for inspiration? Poaching fish is an ideal solution and tastes fantastic. Once you have the basics too, you can choose a variety of fish and even chicken to create a menu in no time.

Aside from its simplicity, there are numerous health benefits to poaching fish. To do it properly and to ensure success it is definitely worth investing in a fish poacher.

One major benefit of poaching fish is that it eliminates the fat within the fish and also the fat you would normally be cooking with. Depending on the type of fish you are cooking, oil may be reduced in significant amounts. Over time this will contribute to reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Other benefits of poaching fish

1) It is extremely healthy and when cooked without any oil or butter it is a fat free and cholesterol friendly way of cooking.

2) There are endless ways for you to flavour your favourite fish. Simply enhance your poaching liquid with any mix of herbs, vegetables, wine, stock or seasoning that you like. It really is up to you and the best thing is you can be as imaginative in the kitchen as you like. Gentle poaching will mean the fish will take on all the beautiful flavours.

3) When the fish has been cooked you can even strain the poaching liquid, reduce it and add in stocks, cream or butter to create a delicious sauce to go with your dish.

4) Poaching fish slowly in liquid will make the flesh softer which means it is easier for your body to digest.

Presentation wise, poached fish is more visually appealing than a fried piece, as the meat of a poached fish has a more vibrant colour. There is one general rule however; never let the fish cook in boiling water because this will cause the fish to break up, making it look quite messy.  Fish should always be poached slowly in simmering water for the best and tastiest results.

Of course, if fish isn’t your thing, chicken is just as tasty poached too and the same principles will apply! To complete your healthy dinner, add some steamed vegetables, retaining all of their taste, vitamins and colour.

If you fancy giving poaching a try, why not take a look at our recipe for Poached salmon with lemon mint tzatziki and steamed vegetables. It makes a great quick and nutritious meal.

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