Time to GINdulge!


Time to GINdulge!

Everyone loves gin! Especially at the moment…

Having held firm as THE drink of choice for the last two years our love or gin is showing no signs of fizzing out just yet. So to keep you in the know, here are all of the things to think about when mixing your next gin drink.

Firstly and most importantly – drinking gin doesn’t have to mean ice and a slice with a dash of tonic water – not that there is anything wrong with that! The ever growing selection of artisan gins on the market is opening up a world of flavour combinations and garnishes.

Gin was originally created in London during the 1680's, as a cheaper alternative to the imported Dutch spirit Genever. While the early recipes were lacking in refinement and safety (some of the gins included turpentine for added flavour!!!) over time the base recipe was refined to form a style of gin called Old Tom.

Laced with liquorice, and later with sugar, Old Tom was a softer, sweeter style of gin than known today and was the gin of choice until the 1830's and the birth of London Dry.

London Dry is created by adding Juniper and other botanicals and natural flavourings to a neutral sprit base, where Distilled gin is created by re-distilling the spirit base with the additional flavourings.

Although Old Tom, Distilled and London Dry are still popular the world over there is a new gin on the block...Flavoured gin

And they come in oh so many flavours!

There are more traditional types like rose, sloe and citrus to the far more outlandish seaweed, marshmallow and chocolate! But, let's keep things simple for now.

Gin with Floral notes

Zymurgorium Sweet Violet has a striking Parma violet flavour while maintaining a strong gin presence.
Tarquin's Cornish blends Devon violets and citrus creating a light and floral gin.
Blackwoods distilled in the Shetlands, each small distilled batch varies slightly from the last based on the availability of the handpicked botanicals at the distillery.

The only way to enjoy is spicy gins is with a good, full tonic water and lime. For an extra gin kick though add in a few lightly crushed, dried juniper berries.

Something Spicy – 

Tanqueray is a beautifully simple gin, containing a few as four botanicals. Strong with juniper flavour and a dry finish with just a hint of spice.
Bombay Sapphire on the other hand is packed with flavours. Its famous ten ingredient recipe is a true classic.


Gin Mare is something very special. As well as the traditional botanical line up it also includes rosemary, thyme, olive and basil. Distilled in a small finish village in Spain, this Mediterranean delight is savoury and unusual, balanced and complex all at once.

Enjoy built over lots of ice, with fresh basil leaves and a dash of dry tonic.

Citrus Packed

Tanqueray Ten is a small batch gin blended with fresh citrus fruits all the while maintaining its strong Tanqueray base.
Cotswolds Dry is blended with a mix of Cotswolds lavender and bay with grapefruit, lime black pepper and cardamom. Zesty, spicy and dry.
Hendrick's wonderful botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from the world over.

A citrus based gin always sing a little louder with a citrus fruit garnish, but that doesn't have to mean lemon or lime. Pink grapefruit and blood orange really lift gin to a new level and, if you can get hold of one, try adding a slice of Japanese Yuzu.

With all of these beautiful gins to try how can you pick just one favourite? 

Well we have! Our Hero Flavour combination goes to Warner-Edward Victoria Rhubarb. Sweet and tangy with a beautiful pale pink colour it is a truly beautiful flavour best enjoyed not with tonic water but a spicy Ginger Ale. Warming and refreshing all at once and one that everyone should try at least once.