Beautifully blending into traditional or contemporary kitchens, our Classic Collection seems to go from strength to strength. Offering charm with a hint of nostalgia, the range celebrates all that is good from the past utilising Kitchen Craft’s rich heritage dating back to 1850 to inspire a mix of vintage shapes and items with a muted palette of sophisticated colours.

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  1. Produkt-Code TPCKETCRE
  2. Produkt-Code TPCKETBLK
  3. Produkt-Code TPCSCALE
  4. Produkt-Code TPCSCALECRE
  5. Produkt-Code TPCSCALEBLK
  6. Produkt-Code TPCCSTAND
  7. Produkt-Code TPCS2TCAKE
  8. Produkt-Code TPCSCHICKEN
  9. Produkt-Code TPCWCAKESTD
  10. Produkt-Code TPCWEGGSTD
  11. Produkt-Code TPCSTPPOL
  12. Produkt-Code TPCSSCSET
  13. Produkt-Code TPCSMUGPOL
  14. Produkt-Code TPCSJUG500
  15. Produkt-Code TPCSJUG1000
  16. Produkt-Code TPCCSR
  17. Produkt-Code TPCSMINICAKE
  18. Produkt-Code TPCSBUTTER
  19. Produkt-Code TPCSTRACK
  20. Produkt-Code TPCSCECCHK
  21. Produkt-Code TPCSBISCUIT