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  1. Naturmarmor-Teigrolle und Ständer

    Roll pastry with ease using the quarry heavy weight, polished marble rolling pin with rest / display stand to stop the rolling pin from rolling away. The cool to touch marble material allows pastry to keep cool, making it easier to roll out. The marble surface is also extremely hygienic and easy to…

  2. Drei-Minuten-Timer in traditionellem Design

    Classically stylish, this Master Class three minute sand timer looks beautiful on any work surface. With a satin finish stainless steel frame and felt lined base, the hour glass shaped timer is certain to be an eye catcher in the kitchen.

  3. Glas-Fett-/Soßentrenner, 450 ml

    This cleverly designed Master Class gravy and fat separating jug features a base position pouring spout that leaves fat and oil at the top, lowering fat and cholesterol intake. The stylish heat resistant glass jug has clearly marked millilitre, cup and fluid ounce markings, ideal when making stock.

  4. MasterClass Glass Sand Timer

    Beautifully classic, this three minute hourglass timer looks great sitting on any work surface. Stylish and traditional, perfect for looking the part in the kitchen. Cook with confidence using kitchen tools and equipment that are perfect for the aspiring chef. A true MasterClass.