A host of hidden gems you thought you wouldn’t find.

Our extensive range of kitchen essentials provides multiple solutions including clip top plastic storage containers, co-ordinated tea, coffee and sugar jars and space saving storage racks. Explore to find your hidden gem.

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  2. Produkt-Code KCXMNUTMAN
  3. Produkt-Code BLTICEPK2PCPRO
  4. Produkt-Code BLTICEPK2PCMND
  5. Produkt-Code LOVTEAGRN
  6. Produkt-Code LOVTEALAT
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  8. Produkt-Code LOVUTENLAT
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  10. Produkt-Code LOVCTLAT
  11. Produkt-Code LOVCOFFEEGRN
  12. Produkt-Code LOVCOFFEELAT
  13. Produkt-Code LOVBBGRN
  14. Produkt-Code LOVBBLAT
  15. Produkt-Code LOVSUGARGRN
  16. Produkt-Code LOVSUGARLAT
  17. Produkt-Code LOVTCSSETGRN
  18. Produkt-Code LOVTCSSETLAT
  19. Produkt-Code COPDWORGEXBAM
  20. Produkt-Code COPDWORG6
  21. Produkt-Code COPDWORG3