The hardest part about cleaning is finding the right products to get the job done.

Whether you've got a whole weekend or just a spare moment, we have you covered. Innovative designs with smart features that makes cleaning more efficient.

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  1. Kunststoff-Abflusssieb für Spüle, Set mit 2 Stück

    Set of two plastic sink strainers with draining holes to capture large particles, helping to prevent blocked pipes and drains. The strainers are sized to fit most sinks and simply sit within the plug hole.

  2. Beschichteter Geschirr-Abtropfständer

    Perfect for quick drying, this plastic coated dish drainer features a raised platform to allow water to drain away easily from plates, bowls, cups and cutlery. The white coating avoids chipping of tableware whilst loading and unloading, whilst also preventing rust and scratching that you commonly…