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  1. BarCraft Stainless Steel Tropical Leaves 175ml Hip Flask

    Capturing the essence of the Tropical Trend, BarCraft’s Tropical Leaves hip flask features a sumptuous palm leaf design. The water transfer print method results in rich deep blues and vibrant greens, bringing a more sophisticated tropical feel to the fore.   This little liquor flask…

  2. BarCraft Stainless Steel Copper Finish 140ml Hip Flask

    Back in the roaring twenties, when speakeasies bustled with the lively sounds of jazz, patrons would sip their favourite tipples from little hip flasks. With its elegant design and luxurious finish, this BarCraft Copper Effect Mini Hip Flask captures the special spirit of this halcyon of cool. …

  3. Edelstahl Doppel-Barmaß

    Bar Craft stainless steel dual measuring cup, ideal for measuring spirits for cocktails and mixes. Perfect to measure a single (25ml) and double (50ml) unit.

  4. Schnapsmaß und Ausgießer

    An essential for mixing cocktails and drinks, this Bar Craft shot measure and pourer provides a single shot measure and attaches easily to any bottle top. A must-have bar accessory.

  5. „Luxe Lounge“ Edelstahl-Barmaß

    Luxe Lounge deluxe measuring cup featuring a ridged exterior to clearly mark individual ml and fl oz measurements. Perfect to measure a single (25ml) and double (50ml) unit. Measures up to 75ml / 2.5 fl oz. Ideal for accurately measuring spirits for cocktails and mixes. Luxe Lounge from Bar Craft…

  6. „Luxe Lounge“ Edelstahl-Doppelbarmaß

    This Luxe Lounge stainless steel double jigger features both single (25ml) and double (50ml) measures mounted on a handle, ideal for pouring the perfect single and double measures to create flawless cocktails, just like a true bartender. Luxe Lounge from Bar Craft – the art deco inspired cocktail…