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Kitchen Craft Magnetic Bag Clips



Reseal bags and packets of salad, dried fruits and nuts to lock in all that goodness with this Kitchen Craft Set of Four Magnetic Bag Clips. Each of these four fruit slice-shaped round bag clips features a non-slip mouth, which create an airtight seal. They also feature integral magnets, so you can stick them to the side of your microwave or on your fridge door to hold shopping lists, memos and reminders!

This set includes four round magnetic bag clips, each one shaped like a slice of fresh fruit - so, there's an orange, lemon, kiwi fruit and watermelon. With their sprung mechanism, they're really easy to open. And they also feature a non-slip mouth, which tightly seals your bag or packet - preventing the fresh goodness from escaping for longer when they're stored away. You can use them to reseal bags of supermarket salads, packets of dried apricots or nuts and seeds.

Each bag clip also features a magnetic back. This means you can use them to stick important reminders, letters, memos and shopping lists to the fridges and freezers, or to the side of your microwave.


12 month guarantee


Includes 4 magnetic bag clips

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